Resources : FAQ

Why do I need both a Geotechnical and a Structural engineer?

Can you recommend some names?

Why don’t you do the pile layout?

Do you weld the pipe sections and top plates? Why not?

Does the City or Building Department inspect the Piling?

How deep do you think the piles will be?

Can you do the excavation?

Can you do the concrete?

How long will it take to do the job?

Is there any vibration?

How noisy will it be?

What is the difference between a Pipe (Pin) Piling and a Helical Pile/Anchor?

What is Piling?

How long does it last? Will it need to be replaced at some point?

Is it harmful to the environment?

What size is your equipment?

What type of guarantee do you give?

Do you level homes?

Do you have references?

Can I wait to fix it?

What caused my settlement?

Why are we not a general contractor?

Are permits required?

Will insurance cover the cost?

What are Manta Rays?

What are Manta Rays used for?

How are Manta Rays installed?

What are the capacities for different sizes of Manta Rays?

How do soil conditions affect the capacities of Manta Rays?

Do you rent the equipment for installing, locking and testing the Manta Rays?

Who purchases the Building Permit? Why?