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Manta Ray Earth Anchors

Manta Ray Earth anchors are used to anchor existing shoring walls, pipe pile shoring walls, rail road tie shoring walls and anchor large woody debris for stream and shoreline restoration. One major advantage of Manta Ray is the simplicity of the design and ease of installation. Manta Ray anchors are mechanical anchors driven into the ground using pneumatic jackhammers. They are an ideal choice for installation on limited access sites where heavy equipment access is restricted. After each anchor is driven they are locked- off and proof tested using a proprietary center pull hydraulic jack called a load locker. Manta Ray anchors are ideally suited for environmentally sensitive sites due to small equipment installation requirements and no hydraulic leaks when installed with pneumatic jack hammers.

Typical capacities of Manta Ray anchors are 1,500 lbs to 20,000 lb ultimate capacities. The primary determinant of anchor capacity is soil type and soil density. Manta Ray anchors come in a variety of models and sizes each having a corresponding capacity for a given soil type.

McDowell Pile King is a registered distributor of Manta Ray earth anchors and we also install.

For design/installation considerations please call to speak to one of our trained experts on: recommended model size, installation equipment rentals, anchor and hardware pricing.