Cedar Ridge Apts

Building #18 at the Cedar Ridge Condominiums was sinking. The building is perched upon a slope overlooking the ravine. Repair for the foundation had been designed with helical pile underpins with helical anchors for additional lateral support.

Colour Painting
Shoring Wall

Installation of temporary shoring walls to shore and protect the adjacent neighbors’ property. Eight foot deep vertical excavations were planned just a couple feet from property line. New basement walls are to provide permanent structural retainage while the driven beam shoring system provided temporary safe access for construction of the foundation walls and installation of footing drains.

Pipe Pile and Helical Anchors

The Watson residence is located on a steep slope in Seattle, WA. The home’s new foundation required both vertical support and lateral support to help stabilize the Environmentally Critical Area (ECA). Pile King’s ability to crane-in Bobcat sized equipment onto the steep slope achieved substantial savings for the customer. Furthermore, equipment installations, compared to man-portable installations, provided the opportunity to achieve deeper penetration into the more stable substrata and therefore a better end-product.

EC Company
Solar Panels

Project included the installation helical piles to support solar panels. The Solar panels were arranged in five arrays for a total capacity of 2.4 mega watts. Because the project is housed on leased land minimizing ground disturbance was important. Also, typical life of Solar Panels is 20 or 30 years, so ease of removing the support posts with minimal disturbance is also important. Helical piles may be removed as easily as they are installed. Helical pile offers both of these advantages over other ground support systems.

General Mechanical
Shoring Cell

A shoring cell was required in order to repair an existing 28” steel utility pipe. Driven wide flange beams were determined to be the most economical system for two primary reasons. One, when loose, wet caving soils are present the installer does not have to be concerned with the cost to case a drilled shaft. Secondly, because the beams are closely spaced, plywood was be used in lieu of timber lagging. Plywood may be installed quickly plus it provides a better barrier to water infiltration compared to traditional timber lagging.

Howard S Wright
Sinking Parking Garage Approach Ramps Resupported with Pipe Pile

The AGC building’s parking garage approach ramps had experienced settlement. Repair of the ramps included demo of existing concrete slab and footings and replacement with pile supported grade beams.

University Mechanical
Pipe Piling

The Seattle Steam building required piling foundation support, but the site was small and vibration was a major concern for the City of Seattle Building Department. The plans called for driving the pile in close proximity to existing utilities and historic buildings in the Pike Place Market neighborhood. Vibration monitoring was performed during the installation of the piling. Vibration monitoring results verify vibration caused by driving pipe piling is well below the threshold for damage to structures.

Wilson Construction
Manta Ray Earth Anchors

Bonneville Power needed hold down anchors to support a guide wire at a remote location in Snohomish, WA. Job materials and installation equipment had to be flown to the site via. helicopter. All the equipment was staged on a work platform which the men could work to install and test each anchor. Special care was taken through the project to ensure minimal disturbance to the sensitive wetland area.

WS Contractors
Underpinning Building For Removal of Contaminated Soils

Contaminated soils were discovered at the Blaser Die Casting building in Seattle. The contaminated soils were required to be removed and therefore the building needed to be underpinned.